Useful tips

You can buy a Free Mobile sim card at
Free center, 8 RUE DE LA VILLE L EVEQUE, 75008 PARIS
Monday – Saturday : 9AM to 7.30PM
1 month : 20€ – 100 Go internet data, unlimited text and call to Europe. you can use the card anywhere inside Europe.

If you have luggage, or it’s late, take an Uber. AVOID taxis, they will rip you off and be rude with you.
To visit, buy a “carnet” of 10 tickets in the metro station, and then take the bus, it is cleaner, and you have more chances to have a seat, and you can enjoy the view of the city instead of being underground.

Delicious french food on a budget
If you don’t want to spend too much on food, you can buy food in shops.

At the supermarket :
Wine starts at 1.5€, spend 4€ to get a decent bottle.
Cheese is about 2-3€ each, get a panel of them
Ham/prosciutto is about 3-4€

At the boulangerie :
Get a baguette “pas trop cuite” for less than 2€. You should get 2, it goes fast !
Get some delicious cakes and croissants there as well, that will be your desert and breakfast !